About VegEdibles

Have you ever found yourself befuddled by bok choy, flummoxed by fennel, or stuck in a kabocha quandary? VegEdibles is a blog dedicated to the pursuit of making a wide assortment of vegetables edible through culinary experimentation (aka playing with food). The posts on VegEdibles consist of recipes, experiments, and introductions to new and interesting produce. As edibility is a key indicator of a successful cooking experiment, recipes are rated on a highly scientific, meticulously calibrated edibility scale. I hope to convince you that playing with food can be fun and educational, and it can sometimes even result in deliciousness.

About Jamie:

I am a biomedical researcher by day and a mad culinary scientist by night. But I wasn’t always interested in food. During graduate school, I was so busy in the lab that I had absolutely no desire to cook a meal for myself when I got home, typically after 8 p.m. My mom facilitated my culinary laziness by stocking my freezer with casseroles, and I’m sure I ate more than my share of microwaved quesadillas. I am still ridiculed by my friends for having eaten PB&J sandwiches for lunch every day for five years.

After graduate school, I found myself with more time in the evenings and no longer within driving distance of my mom and her frozen casseroles. It was time to make a change. I began as a reluctant cook and suffered my share of culinary failures. However, inspired by a number of creative and vibrant cooking blogs, I kept at it. Slowly, I realized that cooking a meal is like designing and executing a scientific experiment, except that the results are typically edible.

I am currently situated in the California Bay Area, where I have become somewhat of a foodie. I work as a full-time researcher, but I indulge my culinary curiosity in the evenings and on weekends. With a background in science and engineering, I approach cooking analytically and with the goal of optimization. I am also an inquisitive cook, so I am always looking to learn and discover new things. My culinary preferences tend toward healthy and mostly vegetarian cuisine, but that has to be balanced by the meat-and-potatoes leanings of Bill, my other half. My goal is to cook food to please both of our palates, and I’m hoping that our combined feedback will provide an honest assessment of the recipes.


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