Farmers’ Market Find: Kabocha-o’-lantern?

What should I do with my kabocha squash?

Happy (almost) Halloween, everyone! In the spirit of fall and the upcoming holiday, I decided that we needed to add a pumpkin to our kitchen decor. Bill, succumbing to bribery, enthusiastically agreed to accompany me to the farmers’ market to pick out a pumpkin. It turns out, however, that there were no pumpkins at the farmers’ market. (Oops! Perhaps visiting a pumpkin patch would have been a smarter option.) Undeterred and determined to leave the farmers’ market with a “pumpkin,” we picked out this guy instead.

From our recollection of the label on the bin and an Internet search for “squash starting with K,” we learned that our “pumpkin” is a kabocha squash. Not to be confused with kombucha, a drink made from cultured bacteria and yeast, kabocha squash is a Japanese winter squash, sometimes referred to as a Japanese pumpkin. They are often dark green in color, but this one happens to be an orange kabocha. Kabocha squash are very sweet (even sweeter than butternut squash) and have a silky smooth flesh (unlike the stringy flesh of a pumpkin).

I don’t have any immediate plans other than to admire our new squash on the kitchen table, but there will come a time when I decide to hack into it and make something delicious. Kabocha-flavored kombucha, anyone? Just kidding. But seriously, does anybody have any suggestions for the fate of our orange kabocha squash?


8 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Find: Kabocha-o’-lantern?

    • Thanks, Mary! I think the kabocha would be hard to carve because its skin is so thick. However, Bill does seem jealous of our neighbors who have a carved pumpkin lit up outside their apartment. Maybe we’ll have to get a Safeway pumpkin to carve.

  1. We made a coconut custard in kabocha last year. I don’t remember what online recipe we used, but if you look around you can find one (it’s a Thai dessert)

    • Thanks, Rachel! Sounds tasty. I looked up coconut custard in kabocha recipes and was salivating at the pictures. One recipe says that it tastes best when made with duck eggs. Interesting.

  2. Oooo, kabocha ravioli with Jamie-made pasta.. How Californian is that?

    But actually I usually just cut it in half, bake bake bake, and add some butter and brown sugar on top before I eat it.

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