Farmers’ Market Finds

As summer gives way to autumn, the produce from these adjacent seasons is starting to intermingle. The strawberries, peaches, and watermelon remain, but now there are also apples, grapes, and figs at the farmers’ market.

I was less ambitious with the “surprise” ingredient this time, as I’m still recovering from the fennel follies. Here’s what I got:

The low-hanging fruit (i.e., stuff that we can eat with minimal preparation)

  • Summer squash and onion – Make not-so-artful arrangements, then grill them as usual.

  • Apples and Plums – I picked out an assortment of apples (mostly Fuji and Gala). The yellow ones are plums. I regret not getting more apples, as they are disappearing quickly.

  • Grapes and Corn – Eat them.

The experimental subject (i.e., stuff that will inspire new recipes)

  • Portabella mushrooms – Okay, you caught me! These were not from the farmers’ market. Also, they’re not a particularly challenging “surprise” ingredient, but there was a recipe I wanted to try with them. Stay tuned.


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