A Trip to the Farmers’ Market…

“…to pick out food I don’t want.”

After exploring my produce purchasing options in a recent post, I decided to give the farmers’ market a try for a while in lieu of produce box deliveries. Always supportive, Bill agreed to accompany me. To maintain a “surprise” element and to continue experimenting with new-to-me fruits and vegetables, we agreed to look for something new and interesting. When I reminded Bill on Sunday morning that it was time to go to the farmers’ market, he summarized his job as follows: “to help carry things and pick out food I don’t want.” But he was a good sport, and he was actually the one who found our mystery ingredient for the week.

The low-hanging fruit (i.e., stuff that we can eat with minimal preparation)

  • Summer squash – We got these in the produce box last week, and they were really good grilled. I learned that this squash is sometimes called pattypan squash, but I think they should be called “flying saucer” squash.

  • Tomatoes – We went a little overboard with tomatoes. But they’re so, so good. I picked out the large, red and green one because it looks like it has several more tomatoes growing out of the bottom – that’s good value for your money.

  • Grapes – These are from the Topete Family Farm, and I think they are Autumn Royal grapes. They are very sweet and delicious, and they’re quite different in flavor from the grapes at the store.

  • Peaches, Nectarines, and Corn – Eat them, and enjoy summer produce while it lasts!
  • Celery – Ants on a log, of course!
  • Potatoes – Make Hasselback potatoes as Bill’s reward for going to to the farmers’ market with me.

The experimental subject (i.e., stuff that will inspire new recipes)

  • Fennel – I realize that fennel is more of an autumn/winter vegetable, but it was at the farmers’ market. Stay tuned for a fennel frenzy.


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